In this webinar, we’ll explore the power of Digital Nirvana’s AI-empowered MonitorIQ 7.0 that records content from any point in the video delivery chain, and allows operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently with a minimum of clicks.

Presented by:

Russell Wise

Senior Vice President

Keith DesRosiers

Director of Sales Solutions

You will learn how to:
  • Remotely view your content from anywhere on any device
  • Deep Dive into any analytics or metadata and correlate it back to the video
  • Quickly create frame-accurate clips and push the content to any source
  • Empower your compliance logging and monitoring systems with the AI advantage
  • Automatically generate transcripts, and search content based on video intelligence
  • Take advantage of Digital Nirvana’s world-class support team 
Key features:
  • Recording and archiving content for proof of performance 
  • One-touch access to metadata and content 
  • Intuitive ‘clip and share’ empowering enterprise-wide collaboration 
  • Autonomous analytics derived from content 
  • Advanced AI speech-to-text and video recognition 

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