This webinar will take you through Digital Nirvana’s robust compliance logging and monitoring solution, MonitorIQ. Backed by the powerful technologies of AI and ML, MonitorIQ 7.0 boasts of Volicon’s beloved Observer product’s features and improved upon each one, providing operators with new and unparalleled monitoring and compliance capabilities. 

Presented by:

Russell Wise

Senior Vice President

Ed Hauber

Director of Business Development

You will learn how to:
  • Remotely view your content from anywhere on any device
  • Deep Dive into any analytics or metadata and correlate it back to the video
  • Quickly create frame-accurate clips and push the content to any source
  • Empower your compliance logging and monitoring systems with the AI advantage
  • Automatically generate transcripts, and search content based on video intelligence
  • Take advantage of Digital Nirvana’s world-class support team
Key features:


  • Near frame-accurate detection, alerting, and recording of signal loss
  • Single-click access to Content and Metadata
  • Automated reports to correlate QoS and QoE events with media and metadata
  • Quick identification of content for fast and intuitive creation of clips and annotation of video
  • Automated analysis of content quality, user experience, and quality of service


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