In this webinar, We’ll introduce you to Digital Nirvana’s complete end-to-end media workflows:

  1. Automated Speech-To-Text (SST) transcript generation
  2. Caption creation, translation, and publishing conformance 
  3. Content delivery validation & media intelligence


We’ll demonstrate how our products provide fast, accurate, and compliant content production and delivery workflows with the A/I advantage.  We’ll also be demonstrating how our products are applied to each stage of the media creation process – from production to post-production, to content delivery.

Presented by:

Ed Hauber

Director of Business Development

Russell Vijayan

Business Manager

During our time together using Trance, You will experience:
  • The power of AI and machine learning to improve productivity by upwards of 40% or greater
  • New forms of metadata extracted from existing content for a variety of high-value business applications  
  • Automated analytics and detailed reporting which index back to media
  • Powerful content localization and publishing conformance capabilities 

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AI-powered Trance, a cloud-based application for closed captioning, transcription, & translation.


Our media solutions help you streamline operations, accelerate lead times, and gain a competitive edge.

Trance 3.0

Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage

MonitorIQ 7.0

Best-in-class Solution for Compliance and Monitoring of Video, Audio and Metadata

Metadator 2.0

Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation

Media Services IQ

Bringing AI and ML to Broadcast & Post-Production Workflows