In this webinar, we will Introduce you to Trance, from Digital Nirvana. Trance is a cloud-based, enterprise-level SaaS platform, accessible from any web-enabled computer to generate automated transcripts, create closed captions, translate text into alternate languages and export media in any number of industry-supported formats.   

Trance is powered by AI and machine learning technologies, to deliver greater productivity; shorter turnaround times and improves both the speed and accuracy of the captioning process. With Trance, productivity gains of 35% and greater are achievable as compared to conventional desktop captioning applications and on-premise workflows. Configurable presets, along with integrated quality assurance further improve captioning efficiency and maximize the overall process.

Presented by:

Russell Wise

Senior Vice President

Ed Hauber

Director of Business Development

Russell Vijayan

Business Manager

During our time together using Trance, you will learn how to:
  • Import media into Trance
  • Create, view and edit transcripts in a single window
  • Configure presets and single-click generation of closed captions in Pro Window
  • Configure presets for single-click generation of closed captions in a Caption Editor Window
  • Automatically translate text to a secondary language 
  • Export caption sidecars in all industry-standard formats

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